Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google's New Clothes

Google has gotten a new look! The change is in the search results as shown below:

I never thought it particularly needed one. Thankfully the classic home page remains pristine and uncluttered as ever. But in the results page, the links to other types of search such as image search, have been moved into the sidebar rather than being in a row at the top. Facebook also went with a sidebar when it changed its layout a couple of weeks ago. My feelings about the change are conflicted. I'm not too crazy about the new design. The original format already had the PPC ads along the right. But now with the added links on the right, the actual space for search results seems more confined. I guess this does start the results a little higher on the pager. And there are some cool new features, though. There's the related searches links on the left. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the results...

... links to a few blog posts! Google Blog Search integrated into the main search! Though, I think they could put these somewhere nearer to the top instead of having us scroll down to the bottom for it. So at least, there are some redeeming qualities of the new layout. And I'll probably get used to it before long.

-- Arkajit

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