Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cool Music Sites

I love listening to new music, so I drew up a list of some cool music sites. I stumbled upon the first two a couple days ago. I've used the others for a couple of years now and am including them for completeness.
  • Just Hear It: type in any artist, song and get a quick list of youtube clips and music videos. The membership component is in private beta, but the search is still very handy.
  • Musicovery: pick a mood, a decade or two, and some genres and it will start playing that type of music. It also shows a nice visual graph of the songs its playing and similar songs it will be play next.
  • Pandora: create a personalized station by entering a favorite artist or song and it'll play similar songs on that station. Say thumbs up/down to make the station home in on the songs you really like.
  • a music social networking site, has good suggestions for music and presents several useful charts and other visualizations of your listening habbits. You can "scrobble" songs (i.e. have track them) you listen on your desktop or stream through their online radio.
  • Pandora-FM: this bridges Pandora and together allowing you to scrobble your Pandora listens to your profile. This was pretty useful since I'm often listening to music on Pandora and would like to track my listening habits (e.g. my most popular artist/track in the last week) with
I hope to get around to writing up a longer post comparing some of these services. And I'll update this entry with more links as I find them. Happy Listening :)


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