Tuesday, October 19, 2010


4:20 am PDT: wake up in CA, groggy, get read for my flight
6:00 am PDT: clear security at SFO, start waiting at the gate
7:00 am PDT: plane starts to board
8:00 am PDT: plane finally takes off
2:00 pm CDT: land in Chicago late, think I've probably missed my connection
2:15 pm CDT: finally after deplaning, find out connecting flight is holding for us, but it's on the other side of the airport
2:25 pm CDT: after a cross-terminal sprint, finally arrive at gate, board
5:45 pm EDT: plane lands in Boston
6:00 pm EDT: run after the Silver Line and barely catch it as it's about to leave the airport
6:30 pm EDT: exit Kendall T stop
6:45 pm EDT: open door to my room in Cambridge, start water boiling to cook dinner
7:00 pm EDT: finish unpacking, start cooking
7:15 pm EDT: finally have something to eat after nothing but unfulfilling airplane snacks all-day


7:45 pm EDT: finish eating and washing dishes
7:57 pm EDT: finish writing this up


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